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For the International NYT out today- photos of the paper would be greatly appreciated! ❤️
Monsters in the valley
Mondays: email collab with Josh
A piece for the NYT Sunday Review, out and about on doorsteps and newsstands today
Creatures on the prowl
Studioodle of @leandrocastelao

The one that was run over by Ping Zhu’s deer
A Legendary Poster from Brooklyn based artist Ping Zhu.Here’s what she says about it:“The idea behind the image are these deer travelling/running into a new dimension, and with that they are revealing a new self, as the old version gradually becomes less.”Learn more about Ping Zhu at

Here’s your chance to support a good cause AND own one of my original paintings. It measures (roughly) 22” x 30”, starting bid is only €150! There are lots of other amazing posters as well, so GO AND LOOK AT THEM
My #legendaryposters piece for WK’s Reporters Without Borders x Heineken! Bid away and see the rest at
I’m going to be at MoCCA here in NYC on Saturday zapping some doodles into Frontier #4 from 2-4!
Chirp chirp